Wacom Inkling

Wacom Inkling

We've been waiting a long time for the "digital sketchpad" to become reality — and as cool as tablets are, they haven't really been able to nail it. But the Wacom Inkling ($200) looks like it has. It includes a small receiver that attaches to any sketchbook or normal piece of paper and an electronic sketch pen that work together to record your sketches stroke-by-stroke, which can then be transferred over USB and into Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketchbook Pro, or any number of traditional image formats. [Scouted by David]

  • Dunhill Solar Charger

    Most solar chargers are gaudy, plastic things that you wouldn't want anywhere near you when you're trying to look your best. The Dunhill Solar Charger ($TBA) is a happy exception. lightweight and fashionable, its built-in solar panel rotates into an aerospace-grade aluminum body when not in use, can provide up to 30 hours of charge time for a phone or player via USB, and comes with a stylish Chassis leather carrying case so you don't have to toss it inelegantly down into your bag.

  • StressVest

    When paintball just isn't enough anymore but you don't really want to get into the habit of shooting real guns at your buddies — while being shot at, no less — then perhaps it's time to invest in a StressVest ($2,500 and up). Developed for training use by police and military personnel, this high-end version of laser tag delivers either a vibration or an adjustable shock that gets worse with each hit and tops out at 4,500 volts via a specialized vest and a crazy laser insert that goes into a REAL GUN and emits a laser burst every time you pull the trigger. Sure, you've got to register for a federal ID number to own the thing, but that's totally worth it for some realistic weekend warfare, right? [Scouted by Chris]

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