We hate getting out of bed in the morning as much as the next guy, so we're always on the lookout for something that makes it more tolerable. The Wake Alarm ($1) iOS app takes the standard alarm clock and turns it into a simple game with an attractive UI. Spin the dial to set your alarm, or swipe to see your saved alarms. When the alarm goes off, you can slap your iPhone to snooze, or flip it over to turn it off. Alternatively, you can shake your iPhone until the alarm stops ringing — just be careful not to throw it across the room.

  • Felt

    Let's see: the ability to send handwritten cards without needing to walk into the candle fragrance minefield of the nearby card shop? Sign us up. Felt (Free; $4/card) is a new app for the iPad that lets you handwrite your own personal message — using the pen type and color of your choice — inside the card, then add that extra touch by handwriting the address that will go on the outside of the envelope. Felt will then print your message on Mohawk card stock, seal it in the custom-printed envelope, and send it out — no need to wait in line, staring at creepy porcelain figurines and gaudy photo frames. You're welcome. [Scouted by Lake]

  • Pizza Compass

    Finally, our iPhones are ready to take on the most important task possible: finding the closest pizza place. Pizza Compass ($1) is a new Avenir Next-friendly app that features a spinning slice of pie that will point you towards the nearest pizza purveyor, releasing steam the closer you get. As you might expect, there's also a map view to provide more precise directions, as well as the ability to see ratings, operating hours, and reviews, and an option to share your favorite spots with your friends. Welcome to the (very tasty) future.

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