Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener

Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener

Pencil sharpeners are common tools for the cubicle, but hardly any of them look as much fun as this. The Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener ($6) lets you do double duty while sharpening — when you stick a standard hexagon pencil in and turn, you sharpen your pencil and charge the little guy's power core, giving him the energy he needs to start walking around your desk. You can also use the included key to charge the robot if you don't have a pencil handy.

  • Tul Gel Pens

    They're not the most expensive pens around, but these new Tul Gel Pens ($5/4-pack) sure do write and feel great. Fine tuned for precision writing, the pens have a metal tip for balance, a rubberized grip, and each pen is hand-tested to check writing performance.

  • Tiffany & Co. Buy Sell Hold Die

    If you're an indecisive trader — or if you're buying a gift for someone who is — check out this whimsical die. The Buy Sell Hold Die from Tiffany & Co. ($75) is a half-inch sterling silver cube with the word "Buy" "Sell" or "Hold" on each side, making decisions about the future of your finances as simple as a roll of the dice. Note: The die is not in any way correct all the time. Use at your own risk.

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