Wally 93 Sailing Yacht

Built for an existing Wally owner who's also an avid sailor, the Wally 93 Sailing Yacht combines the luxurious digs of the company's motorized yachts with the romance of sailing. It shares its sleek hill lines with the Wallycentro superyachts and is built using carbon fiber and composites for a displacement of only 35.5 tons despite a length of over 28 meters. The elegant interior offers maximum privacy and large guest and crew cabins, with room for two crew members and up to six guests. It can start moving in just 16 knots of wind, with 5,400 sq ft of upwind sail area and nearly 11,400 square feet moving downwind, and when there's no wind available, a 255 hp diesel engine provides enough power to cruise.

  • Bridgestone Air Free Bicycle Tire

    Bridgestone's been working on air-free car tires for a few years, and now they're bringing the technology to the world of cycling with the Bridgestone Air Free Bicycle Tire. This concept tire uses a series of inner spokes to eliminate the need for inflation. In addition to providing a comfortable ride, the mixture of resins used for the spokes and outer rubbers represent a more efficient use of resources. The tire is currently in testing and could be on the market by 2019.

  • Brake Free Helmet Light

    The brake lights on your motorcycle work okay. But they're mounted low on your bike and don't account for different types of braking. The Brake Free Helmet Light mounts a smart brake light on the back of your helmet, increasing both visibility and functionality. It uses a gyroscope to detect when you're slowing down, responding accordingly to engine braking, regular braking, and emergency braking, the latter of which triggers a special light pattern. It attaches to nearly any helmet using a magnetic mount, offers over eight hours of battery life, and uses 100 LED lights to make sure it's visible day or night. It's also weather resistant, and since it stays lit at all times — only becoming brighter when braking — it makes you more visible to other motorists whether you're braking or not.

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