War Bird Water Chariot

War Bird Water Chariot

Be the Ben-Hur of your neighborhood lake as you race along in your boat-pulled War Bird Water Chariot ($240). This towable raft, designed to look like a chariot of old, has a 44-inch wide deck for holding up to two people. There's double webbed foam handles to ensure better gripping and the chariot is made of strong PVC to resist punctures. It can hold up to 340 pounds of Roman warrior goodness, and a lounge canopy (sold separately) will keep you shaded.

  • WaveBox Portable Microwave

    Camping is fun, but if you miss the creature comforts of home when out in the wild, the WaveBox Portable Microwave ($200) is just the thing. It can run at 660 watts with a direct battery connection via the included alligator clamp cable, and can also run directly from a car power outlet at a slightly less-inspiring 175 watts. Not full-powered, but it sure beats eating unknown forest fruit. [via]

  • Home Snow Machine

    If you've been living with winter temperatures but no snow, take matters into your own hands with the SG5-LED Snowmaker ($750), the highest volume home snowmaker available. The SG5 is built to connect to commercial or home pressure washers, or a dedicated machine like the 6GPM Snowmaking Pump ($1800) that is capable of making 180 cubic feet per hour when paired with the SG5. Sure, you're not going to open your own resort with this setup, but giving your kids a chance to go sledding — and being able to pelt your ammo-less neighbors with snowballs — is just as rewarding.

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