Warstic Flame Treated Baseball Bats

Ditch your traditional bat and club up with something more stylish with these Warstic Flame Treated Baseball Bats. Available with white or black handles, these unique bats are made in the USA from hand-selected American White Ash Hand-Split billets, flame treated to bring out the natural straight grain, and then treated with either natural or dark Warrior Flame stain. Made to order in lengths of 30-35 inches, each bat also includes your name engraved on the barrel — so if it wasn't already obvious, everyone will know the bat is yours.

USA-Made Goods presented by our friends at Shinola.


  • FWD Powershot Hockey Sensor

    Sure, you can use a radar gun — and a really sharp eye — to tell how fast the puck is travelling, but if you want more precise metrics on your play, you need the FWD Powershot Hockey Sensor. This Bluetooth-enabled gadget slides down into the hollow shaft of your hockey stick and uses sensors to capture the stick's speed at ice level, how long it takes to complete a motion, the angle of the stick, its angular velocity, and its acceleration, all of which is used to figure out how fast the puck is going. As with most sport sensors, it then syncs with an app so you can see how you've performed over time and share your data with your coaches, teammates, and friends.

  • Spin Standard Ping Pong Table

    The Standard is known for ping pong, from the first table at their Hollywood outpost to the full-blown ping pong club in downtown LA. Now you can bring a bit of this heritage home with the Spin Standard Ping Pong Table. The result of a collaboration between The Standard, Spin Galactic, and STIGA, this handsome table features a sleek four-leg solid wood base, a custom "Standard Red" playing surface with a bright white center line and no sidelines, and solid steel hardware.

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