Most 20' x 6' rooms that sit above the water are expensive — after, real estate is all about location. Now you can have that same space on a platform above the water for less than you might think. The Watermat ($600) is a 20' x 6' mat made of closed-cell foam that weighs only 50 pounds and yet can hold up to 1500 pounds on the water. The mat is also double-sided for traction on the one side and sliding fun on the other.

  • Aquapub

    We're always sad to leave behind the amphibious drunks of the pool bars we visit on our travels, and now it looks like we'll get to make as much fun of our pool guests as we do those strangers thanks to the Aquapub ($TBD). The 'pub is a floating table for six complete with cup holders and two containers in the middle to keep the drinks handy and cold. Sick of the water? Pull the puppy out and you've got a nice table for the poolside or deck, and it will even hold a large umbrella to keep your pasty ass from getting too burnt. Now all we need is some tropical landscaping, a little slide built into the rocks, and plenty of drinks — and maybe a grotto just for good measure. [via]

  • Orvis Vortex Disc Drag Fly Reel

    Although we don't get the chance to do a lot of fly fishing here around the Uncrate office, if we did we'd surely be using this reel. The Vortex VO2 Disc Drag Fly Reel from Orvis ($525-$700) kicks unholy fly fishing butt with its big fish design. It features a composite cork-to-Rulon drag surface which helps to dissipate heat and is very large to help make sure you have enough line, and, well, it simply looks really cool. If you're out there trying to catch your biggest fish yet, make sure you've got this — and plenty of patience — with you.

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