Waterpik Showerpik

For those of us with an aversion to shoving bits of flavored string in between our teeth, flossing is that crucial bit of oral hygiene that we may choose to skip, or forgo entirely. The Waterpik Showerpik ($70) lets you get that nasty bacteria-causing junk from between your teeth, all while still in the shower (so you can shave some time off your morning routine). It uses a combination of water pressure and pulsation to massage your gums, remove plaque, and get rid of that bacteria. Attaches to fixed mount or handheld shower heads with a two-way diverter.

  • Dyson Airblade Tap

    Yes, it's designed for use in public spaces — but the Dyson Airblade Tap ($1,900) is so damn smart that we wouldn't mind having one in our homes. Within its modern design is a no-touch water faucet, which lets you wash your hands without touching anything, and an ultra-powerful hand dryer that removes the need to cross the room with wet hands. The secret is a fully-integrated 1400W motor housed underneath the sink that draws air in through a HEPA filter before blasting it through a small aperture and onto your hands, which are dried in just 14 seconds.

  • Mosser

    Add a touch of organic life to your kitchen, entryway, or workspace with Mosser ($26). This simple package consists of a round moss ball that lives inside a small glass terrarium, as well as a glass mister bottle used to feed it. Just spray once every two weeks with filtered water and enjoy.

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