Watt's Up

Watt's Up

Ever wonder how much power your ginormous 70-inch TV consumes? Just plug a device into the Watt's Up Power Usage Meter ($130) and it instantly shows and records the wattage being used, plus other stats including average monthly cost. Watt's Up even has a "payback calculator" feature that automatically calculates the time required for an energy efficient appliance to pay for itself.

  • Canary Wireless Digital Hotspotter

    It can be an enormous pain-in-the-ass to find a hotspot sometimes, especially in a city you’re not familiar with. Then add on the frustration of trying to find one that is free and open for your use, and it can turn into a “boiling point” kind of situation. Alleviate these stresses with the Digital Hotspotter from Canary Wireless ($60) — it can give info on signal strength, name, and security level of any network it finds.

  • Fisheye Camera

    Not every camera has to be digital — in fact, having a Polaroid around can be a lifesaver sometimes. The Fisheye Camera from Lomography ($50) is another film camera we’d actually consider buying. Its fisheye lens has a 170º viewing angle, incredible depth-of-field, and uses 35mm film — plus the camera has a built-in flash, so all those disturbing pics from the bar look that much worse.

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