Wax Seals

Wax Seals

Add your own special touch to personal correspondence with some Wax Seals ($65 and up). Available in lots as small as 25 seals and in 28 colors, these custom seals peel and stick onto your envelopes, giving the appearance of a traditional wax seal with none of the mess. Great for love letters, dead serious business letters, or adding an extra bit of pizazz to your final mortgage payment.

  • Combine Walnut Keyboard Trays

    The industrial aluminum and glass designs of Apple's products got you wishing for a bit of nature in your office setup? Try burying your keyboard, trackpad, and even remote inside Combine Walnut Keyboard Trays ($70-$80). Made from Black Walnut, these attractive trays are designed to hold Apple's Wireless Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, and new, aluminum-bodied remote, should you so choose. A nice way to add some warmth to a sometimes cold computing experience.

  • Telegram Stop

    Like Doc Brown's message to Marty from 1885 to 1955, you can now send honest-to-goodness telegrams across the ocean or across time with Telegram Stop ($6). This ingenious online service allows you to type in your message — complete with -(STOP)- for periods and full stops — and send it on a vintage-looking card to anyone you want at any (current or future) time you want, replacing a simple electronic communiqué with something much more permanent and memorable. You can even upload photos to be printed and sent along with your message. Take that, MMS.

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