Wedgewood Rings

We've seen plenty of titanium rings, and even a few made out of wood — but none that have mixed the two as artfully as these Wedgewood Rings ($200-$400). Made by hand in Milwaukee, these rings use a wide range of natural woods that have been carefully selected specifically for making rings. Every piece is either recycled or purchased from an eco-conscious seller, and is paired with hand-polished titanium, then given multiple coats of clear finish to ensure the ring looks great for years to come.

  • Barrett Alley Smuggler's Belt

    Never mind the fact that it's quite stylish — the Barrett Alley Smuggler's Belt ($245) is good for far more than just handsomely holding up your pants. On the inside of this hand cut, hand sewn cowhide belt you'll find a hidden pocket that's only accessible after you open the hand forged iron buckle and take the belt off. Measuring just 1" x 3.5", you won't be fitting any huge items inside, but it's plenty large enough for carrying cash, microfiche, or a stash of any illicit substances you wouldn't want found.

  • Titanium Utility Ring

    No longer are utility rings solely for super heroes. The Titanium Utility Ring can grant any finger on either hand powers beyond just gripping, pointing, and poking. Like a multi-tool, the 9mm-wide titanium ring sports five blades that fold individually out of the ring — a comb, a straight blade, a bottle opener, a saw, and a serrated blade — letting you handle many situations using no other tool than the one you're already wearing.

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