Wello Health Tracker

If you care a lot about your fitness and general well-being, you know how tough it can be to find reliable metrics to help you keep track of exactly how you're doing -- most devices are prohibitively expensive or just not available outside a doctor's office. But with the Wello Health Tracker, you can get reliable information about your body any time you have your phone handy. Wello is a phone cover with built in sensors, combined with an iOS app, as well as a wrist-worn activity monitor and a lung tester attachment. Together, they let you take your temperature, monitor your blood pressure, heart-rate, blood oxygen, lung function, and more (and you can easily track all that data on your iPhone so you know how you're doing).

  • Ember Night Photography Tool

    Let's face it: even the best smartphone flashes are no match for a dedicated light source. Now you can add one to your iPhone with the Ember Night Photography Tool. Sporting an array of 56 LEDs with a built-in diffuser and multiple available color filters, this handy light/case will let you take much improved nighttime photos with your 5 or 5S. A removable top piece lets you use any add-on lenses you might have, and don't worry about draining your battery, either — thanks to a built-in power source, you can take pictures for hours without a problem.

  • TopoCharger

    These days dedicated GPS devices are a bit of an outdated concept, with turn-by-turn directions, maps apps, and more as features on just about every smartphone available. But when it comes to exploring off the beaten path, relying on the maps on your smartphone (and its somewhat limited battery life) can be a scary concept. With the TopoCharger you get the latest topographical maps, and a built-in battery charger for a device you're already used to carrying everywhere. It doubles your battery life, while still working off the grid, thanks to your phone's own GPS capability. And with a powerful included app, you can set waypoints, take photos, save routes, and much more.

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