Whitefox Snowmobile

Take the entire family along on your winter adventures with the Whitefox Snowmobile. This concept vehicle, developed by Charles Bombardier, would be powered by a 165 hp Rotax 850 E-Tec engine, and thanks to plastic body panels, should weigh under 900 pounds, not including passengers. With power steering borrowed from the Can-am lineup and pop-down wheels to let you turn on hard surfaces, it'd be surprisingly practical, too, but sadly it's just a concept for now, so we can only hope BRP decides to actually build it.

  • 1984 Honda ATC 70 Three Wheeler

    Built prior to the ten-year voluntary ban and the subsequent end of production, this 1984 Honda ATC 70 Three Wheeler is a relic of an earlier time in off-roading. The model's advertisement stated that the ATC 70 was "not a toy", a claim made necessary by the use of a 72cc, four-stroke engine — relatively calm compared to the 192 cc ATC200X — and the automatic clutch that, when paired with the adjustable throttle, made it ideal for beginners. Still, this example is incredibly well-preserved, and is as collectible as it is ridable.

  • Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard

    Electric skateboards are a great new technology, but most have a bulky battery sitting underneath that takes away from the look and riding experience. The Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard hides its electric motor in the rear wheels, making it look and behave much more like a regular board, but with electric power. The remote is a cinch to use, it comes with headlights and taillights for night riding, and even includes a carrying case for protection when you get to your destination. The M1 charges in about 90 minutes and will give riders a seven to ten mile range before it needs to be charged again.

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