Wilson Rebound Recycled Basketball

Wilson Rebound Recycled Basketball

The Wilson Rebound Recycled Basketball ($12) is a rugged outdoor ball that's made of 40% recycled scrap rubber. The official-size b-ball is also sold in a packaging that's made from 80% pre and post consumer recycled board. Drain some threes without draining the planet.

  • Twin Six Cycling Jerseys

    Not all cycling jerseys need to be plain or covered with sponsor logos. Twin Six Cycling Jerseys ($65-$150) are fashionable riding wear created by two designers who just happen to be cycling enthusiasts, and were tired of wearing ugly threads. Made from soft polyester microfiber with a 16-inch invisible zipper and three deep back pockets, they'll have you riding in style. [Thanks, Adam]

  • BagBoy Navigator 2

    Why heft and schlep your golf clubs and bag around by hand when you can have an electric cart do it for you? The BagBoy Navigator 2 ($2,000) can be operated via remote control, using the handle controls, or manually like an old-fashioned golf cart. A built in navigation system keeps the cart in line, and helps it maintain speed even when ascending or descending hilly or rough terrain. Propelled by two 140-watt motors, the Navigator is powered by a 34 amp battery that will last for a full day. With this cart and a little practice, you'll own the fairway just like Mr. Dangerfield.

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