Wim Frozen Yogurt Maker

Unlike the ice cream and yogurt makers you'll find at your local big-box store, the Wim Frozen Yogurt Maker promises to carve out a permanent place on your counter by whipping up delicious treats in just 10 minutes. It's incredibly simple to use: just open a pre-mixed bowl, add your choice of milk, close the lid, and press start. Patent-pending technology cools the basin from room temperature to under 15º F in just 90 seconds while a recyclable paddle stirs things around. Each bowl produces between 4 and 4.5 oz. of froyo, with an average of 150 calories, only 10 grams of added sugar, and excellent flavor thanks to the talents of chef Jena Derman, a six-plus-year veteran of Milk Bar. Currently, nine different mixes are available, with more in development, including a range of seasonal treats.

  • Huskee Cup

    If you're drinking coffee right now, you're contributing to 1.35 million tons of waste each year. To help clear your conscience, Huskee Cup is repurposing those husks into a beautiful vessel for your morning cup of joe. Each cup is made from that thin layer of shell that surrounds the bean, which usually gets discarded during the milling stage. Aside from the green factor, the cup is also functional. Their thermal retention keeps your coffee hotter longer and won't chip or crack in the process. Better yet, they're easy on the eyes. Available in three stackable sizes and can be paired with a universal saucer.

  • Ogarden Indoor Farm

    Pesticides. Preservatives. Polluted air. The Ogarden Indoor Farm lets you grow up to 100 herbs and vegetables without any of those harsh contaminants. Housed in a large sphere, plants grow in a vertical manner while rotating in a circular motion. Other than looking really cool, the slow movement and shift in orientation also grow stronger plants. A programmable bulb at the center of the wheel gives your garden the right amount of sunlight and watering is only required a couple times a week. They currently offer 30 different types of organic seeds, ranging from Greek Oregano to Oak Leaf Lettuce, or you can use a variety of your own.

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