Withings Go

It doesn't do anything that most other fitness tracker don't. It just looks better doing it. The Withings Go uses a circular E Ink display to show your current progress in real time, while also functioning as a watch. It's water resistant down to 50 meters, so you can wear it in the shower, rain, pool, or ocean, automatically syncs with the well-designed Health Mate app, giving you in-depth metrics on your activity and sleep, and comes with a clip and wristband, so you can wear it like a watch, clip it to your belt, shoe, or pocket, or just throw it in your pocket like a coin. And don't worry about nightly charging — thanks to the E Ink screen, it can run up to eight months without needing to change its standard button cell battery.

  • Goodwell Toothbrush

    Unless you're using an electronic tool, odds are your toothbrush is made of plastic. Which means it's eventually going in a dump. The Goodwell Toothbrush aims to put an end to that. It has two pieces: a compostable head with Binchotan fibers that fight plaque, bad breath, bacteria, and viruses, and a reusable anodized aluminum handle that doubles as a storage container. Buy it alone, as a kit with a biodegradable flosser and tongue scraper that hook up to the same handle, or get a subscription that drops new attachments at your door each month.

  • EcoMill Treadmill

    Gadgets and fitness have a dubious relationship at best. Improve it with the EcoMill Treadmill. This eco-friendly workout machine requires no electricity, instead relying on the curved surface and your own movement for its power. An onboard generator creates the juice, and while you might think your slow gallop/really fast walk is enough to power the display only, it actually does enough to charge up any USB gadget, which gives the phrase "running around looking for a phone charger" a whole new meaning.

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