WMF SmarTea Teapot

Do you like tea? Do you really like tea? Then you should consider picking up the WMF SmarTea Teapot ($135). This sleek set features a 1.5 quart glass teapot, a removable stainless steel infuser good for loose leaf, bagged, or flowering teas, and a stainless steel lid. The real highlight, however, is the stainless steel stand that has a tealight candle holder to keep your tea warm and ready to drink for hours.

  • Chemex Coffee Maker

    With no moving parts, electronics, or other unnecessary niceties, the Chemex Coffee Maker ($37) is brewing at its purest. To brew, simply place the grounds in the cone-shaped filter at the top and pour hot water over them — the resulting joe should offer rich flavor without the bitterness that you've like become used to. Once it's done, grasp the polished wood collar, pour, and enjoy. It's really that simple.

  • The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

    Do you — or someone you know — have to have each little piece of ingredient perfectly, uniformly chopped before you can proceed with cooking? The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board ($30) was made for you. This clever 9" x 12" beechwood cutting board features built-in guides for batonnet, allumette, julienne, small and medium dice, brunoise and fine brunoise cuts, as well as guides for cutting on 30º, 45º, and 60º angles. It might not help your actual cooking, but it should give your presentation a boost.

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