Finding time to hit the gym can be difficult. WOD is a simple app that lets you get in a quick, high-intensity workout wherever you might be. Its bodyweight only routines don't require any equipment, so it's ideal for frequent travelers, and with hundreds to choose from, they won't get stale. You can also compare your reps and time to prior workouts, save your favorites for later, and quickly share your progress with others.

  • Minibar Delivery

    Shopping at your local liquor store is becoming a much tougher task. You not only have to get there but figuring out what you want in a sea of choices with no chance to research leads to exhaustion. Minibar Delivery on the other hand, allows you to order that bottle of wine or spirits from the comfort of your home, or even on-the-go thanks to their app. They provide deliveries straight to your door in as little as 30-60 minutes, and you can even schedule your order in advance or set it to be recurring, so your favorite brand is always available. Minibar Delivery is available in most major cities, and there aren't any hidden fees or markups to your selections.

    Presented by Minibar Delivery.

  • Sway

    Mindfulness and meditation techniques are a proven way to improve your mental wellbeing and ability to concentrate. Many of those require solitude. Sway was developed in collaboration with Danish mental wellness company PauseAble to let you practice "interactive meditation" in a variety of environments. Using a combination of soothing visuals, peaceful music, on-screen instructions, and audio cues, it encourages you to focus on slow, continuous body movements to help you focus and relax. There are multiple "levels" to work through, ensuring that the experience doesn't get stale as you progress, and since it's designed to work with headphones, you can use it anywhere you have enough room to move.

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