Wolf Helmet

How could we not like a product whose feature list includes checkmarks for "badass" and "incites jealousy"? Better yet, both are actually true of the Wolf Helmet ($200). This DOT-certified helmet is what it says on the box, putting a somewhat creepy, somewhat funny, but totally mesmerizing realistic wolf head on top of yours. Not feeling the wolf, but have an idea for another animal head you'd rather wear when riding your motorcycle? They offer a custom service that will bring your vision to life for only $100 more. It gives the term "wolfpack" a whole new meaning.

  • Blink Steady Bike Light

    No need to ruin the sleek design of your bike by some Velcro-secured plastic monstrosity of a light. The Blink Steady Bike Light ($125) is more than capable of keeping you safe while adding to the aesthetic of your cycle. Machined from solid aluminum in Brooklyn, this smart light secures to your seatpost, making theft highly unlikely, and sports an internal accelerometer that turns the LEDs on when you're riding and off when you're not, and makes the choice between a blinking or steady indicator as easy as flipping the unit over. A photosensor senses when it's dark enough to need the light, so you're not burning through unnecessary batteries during the daytime, making this one of the smartest accessories you can bolt on to your bike.

  • BikeSpike

    Bike locks are all well and good, but if you really want to keep your bike protected, you need to outfit it with a BikeSpike ($150 and up). This small accessory attaches to your bike via a custom water bottle holder, and packs a GPS chipset, cellular antenna, and accelerometer into its small black body. Thanks to all that tech, you can monitor your ride's location using a phone or computer, digitally "lock" your bike and get a push notification if it's moved/tampered with, automatically alert contacts in the event of a collision, and monitor stats like distance, speed, and favorite courses. Just think of it as a combination Find My iPhone/Nike+ for your bike.

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