Wolfram Survival Cabinet

If you haven't yet started preparing for a potential breakdown of society, don't worry — the Wolfram Survival Cabinet gives even the laziest among us a one-step way to go from woefully unprepared to ready for anything. The cabinet itself is double steel-walled, made in the USA, features dual locks, and comes in a handsome orange. But it's what's inside that's the real draw: over 170 items carefully selected to keep you safe and alive should all hell break loose. From water, food, and first-aid materials to tools, sanitation, and shelter needs, it's got your covered.

  • MyLifter

    Ideal for the guy with lots of gear, but not a lot of space, MyLifter gives you storage you never thought you had. This handy device is an app-connected electrical winch that lets you easily hoist just about any kind of gear — bikes, kayaks, canoes, crates, bags — up to the ceiling, getting them out of the way and freeing up your limited storage. Each winch is capable of lifting 50 pounds, but you can combine multiple ones together to double, triple, or quadruple that capacity. Best yet, they work in tandem and sync up with the included iOS app, so you can program in different heights, allowing you to automatically lift anything with ease.

  • Industry Solid Titanium Tool Set

    Designed to be the only tool you'll ever need to carry for simple, everyday cutting and prying tasks, the Industry Solid Titanium Tool Set ($155) is perfectly-made to slip right onto your keys. These two tools, machined from solid titanium and polished to a mirror finish, feature a key slot so you can always have them on you. One is made for cutting, with a sharp edge that also works for prying, while the other is made for opening, with a bottle opener and a scraper. With their minimalist, yet functional design, they're made to last for years while always coming in handy whenever you carry them.

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