Wooden Calculator

Wooden Calculator

As great as modern computers are, it's always handy to have an old-fashioned calculator around. The Wooden Calculator ($75) is handmade from ecologically thinned Japanese cedar, and features green buttons, an unusual round shape, and is solar-powered. Just because you have a calculator doesn't mean you need to hide it in a drawer.

  • Milk Desk

    It's about time that desks started matching the desktops that sit on top of them. The Milk Desk ($TBA) is the first desk we've seen that is as smartly designed as the computers we use. Its oversized 140 x 80cm top houses cable exits, a cable drawer, an integrated front file, and four modular square spaces that can be used as garbage bins, pencil holders, an iPod drawer with in-desk cable routing, and even as an aquarium. The desk also has an electronic base to raise or lower the desk depending on whether you choose to sit or stand. All-in-all, one of the most badass desks we've ever seen. [Thanks, Mark]

  • Delete Eraser

    For some reason, using a pencil eraser just isn't as satisfying as hammering on your delete key. Now you can do both with the Delete Eraser ($9; July 10). The oversized eraser looks just like that favorite key on your computer, and will last for a long, long time. Plus, it will probably be incredibly fun to throw at incompetent co-workers during meetings.

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