Word Lens

Word Lens

Unless you're totally fluent in multiple languages, odds are you're going to need a translation book for your globe-trotting trips. Or, you could just download Word Lens (Free; $5 for language packs). This ingenious app translates whatever it sees through your iPhone's camera in real time, letting you decipher signs, fancy menus, or just figure out what the packaging on your favorite Mexican salsa actually says.

  • Kenny Powers' Home Run Fiesta

    Help Kenny on his comeback trail with Kenny Powers' Home Run Fiesta (Free). This 8-bit baseball game packs in plenty of insults straight from Powers himself, five levels, and exclusive content from season dos of Eastbound & Down. Sure, it's not going to win any awards, but it's free, funny, and what else were you planning on doing while waiting in line at the DMV?

  • EpicWin

    Do you spend more time leveling up your WoW or FF character than you do leveling up in real life? Perhaps it's time for EpicWin ($3). This nifty to-do app for iOS gives you XP for completing real-life chores and tasks, letting you improve both your real and virtual self at the same time. First items on the list? Clean up the stale Doritos from off the floor and take a damn shower, you filthy animal.

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