Work Hard Anywhere

The office used to be a sad, unimaginative building where you went to work. For many people, it's now wherever they can find Internet access. Work Hard Anywhere is a simple app that makes it easy to find just such a place. It knows of over 2,500 locations in 57 countries, so odds are there's one nearby, and each is user-rated on a host of attributes like Wi-Fi speed and reliability, available power outlets, loudness, parking, prices, and food. Whether you want a shared workspace or a cozy cafe, it can help you find an ideal spot.

  • Off The Menu

    You might not realize it, but In N' Out and Chipotle aren't the only places around with secret menus. Off The Menu can fill you in on otherwise unlisted menu items from eateries both casual and formal across the country. Broken up by city, this comprehensive list of stealth menu items includes descriptions for each dish, letting you order like a local even if you're visiting for the first time from the opposite coast.

  • Astropad

    While there are plenty of apps out there that attempt to turn your mobile device into a graphics tablet, most are buggy, slow, are a pain to setup, and rarely work. Built by former Apple engineers, Astropad transforms your iPhone or iPad into a Retina-screened, professional graphics tablet for your Mac, is easy to setup, and actually works when you need it most. You can even enjoy a zero lag experience working offline, as it works both wirelessly and over USB. This professional tool for photo editing and drawing is also now available as an Apple watch app for customizable shortcuts from your wrist.

    Presented by Astropad.

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