World's Brightest Flashlight

World's Brightest Flashlight

At least it claims to be — and with stats like these, you’ve gotta believe it. The World's Brightest Flashlight ($80) produces 15 million candlepower — equivalent to 150 60-watt bulbs — and its beam can be seen from over 6 miles away. I don’t know about you, but if I’m trying to blind someone with my flashlight, I prefer they be a little closer than six miles away. Oh, and it also features a tough build, a built-in stand, and a handle for easy carrying.

  • Survival Kit In A Sardine Can

    The Survival Kit in a Sardine Can ($14) is packed with over 25 items including: fish hook and line, compass, tea, sugar, first aid supplies, duct tape, matches, whistle, signal mirror, razor blade, fire starter cube, chewing gum, salt, safety pin and much more. Novelty or useful — you decide. We just hope it doesn't actually smell like sardines.

  • JetBoil Personal Cooking System

    The great outdoors is a wonderful place to reconnect with nature — but it’s not the best place to cook soups or rice. If you often find yourself fishing, camping, or just wandering through the wilderness, you might want to consider picking up a JetBoil Personal Cooking System ($80). Winner of Time Magazine’s Most Amazing Invention Award in 2004, the system integrates the burner and cookware to minimize the risk of fire, and the insulated cup makes sure your grub stays warm longer. Now if they could just come up with a little portable microwave… [Thanks, Mark!]

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