Worx Semi-Automatic Screw Driver

Cordless drills are great for around-the-house chores, but they can be overkill for a lot of tasks — and keeping track of all their bits can be a pain, besides. Enter the Worx Semi-Automatic Screw Driver. This crazy/handy tool comes with two rapid reload cartridges that hold six bits a piece and uses a slide action system to change the bit selection, letting you go from drilling a pilot hole to Philips to flat head in no time flat — and no bits lost.

  • Hardcore Hatchets

    Just because a tool is meant for work doesn't mean it has to be ugly. That's the idea behind the new line of Hardcore Hatchets ($45). Each handcrafted-in-the-USA axe has an 18-inch American Hickory handle that's painted or stained, giving each a unique look, while a sturdy 19 oz. head chops through firewood, small trees, and limbs with ease.

  • Black & Decker Modular Matrix System

    Most modular tool systems we've seen simply let you use the same battery packs for lots of different tools, virtually ensuring that you'll have one ready to go when a chore calls. The Black & Decker Modular Matrix System ($30-$70) instead lets you choose from one of three base units that connect to a variety of attachments, including a drill, impact driver, oscillating multi-tool, jigsaw, sander, router, and trim saw. Thanks to lithium-ion batteries that hold a charge up to 18 months, you can rest assured you're powered up and ready with the right tool for the job. [via]

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