Wrensilva Standard One Stereo Console

Like the Model One before it, the Wrensilva Standard One Stereo Console packs modern hi-fi components inside a classic design. Within its handcrafted wooden frame, you'll find a custom integrated 300 WPC Amp hooked to a pair of custom 8 inch 2-way speakers on end and a fully decoupled belt driven turntable with phono preamp on the other. Bluetooth is built in, extra inputs are available inside the cabinet for adding other audio sources, and the built-in vinyl storage pockets let you keep your favorites handy, while the magnetic grilles let you decide whether to expose the speakers or kid them hid.

  • Blue Raspberry Microphone

    Our mobile devices keep getting more powerful. Their microphones don't. The Blue Raspberry Microphone fills this gap with excellent audio quality in a highly portable package. It does so with proven microphone technology and a new, patent-pending Internal Acoustic Diffuser that mimics the acoustic treatments found in studios and concert halls to focus on your voice or instrument and ignore unwanted noise. The folding, integrated stand also helps in this regard, minimizing surface contact and isolating the mic from vibrations and other noise. It connects over USB or Lightning, works with a host of both mobile and desktop recording apps, and comes with a soft carrying pouch.

  • Raumfeld x Rosenthal Porcelain Speakers

    Porcelain is a naturally low resonance material, making it ideal for these Raumfeld x Rosenthal Porcelain Speakers. A collab between the high-end audio and porcelain manufacturers, the speakers' teardrop shape optimizes the acoustics from the coaxial speakers, driven by a 160 watt Class D amp. Laying claim to the title of "first steaming speakers made from porcelain", it also has integrated Wi-Fi for app-controlled playback, as well as line-in, Ethernet, and USB inputs.

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