Xetum Tyndall PVD Carbon Fiber Watch

While you may have admired the original Xetum Tyndall Watch — with its stainless steel case and bracelet — the Xetum Tyndall PVD Carbon Fiber Watch ($1,700) takes that beautiful timepiece to an entirely new level. It replaces the plain back dial with a dark gray carbon fiber one, while the case receives a powder matte black finish drawing into stark contrast the white numbers and hands (a customized black rotor complements the look around back). The watch was designed in California, but built in Switzerland with Swiss movement, is limited to just 300 pieces, and sports a naturally-tanned black leather strap with a cork lining.

  • Luminox Recon Nav SPC Watch

    We like watches with military style, but we also like it when they actually do something beyond just telling the time and looking cool. The Luminox Recon Nav SPC Watch ($TBA) is a perfect example. With a black carbon-reinforced 46mm polycarbonate case, ratcheting aluminum dive bezel, and a black dial, it has the military look down, but it also offers a walking speed tachymeter, a GMT function for checking the time in another time zone, and a strap with three map scales and a removable compass.

  • Sparc Sigma MGS Watch

    "Hey, you look awfully familiar. Do I know you?" Odds are, you might. Based on the Ventura Sparc MGS Watch, the new Sparc Sigma MGS Watch ($5,400-$5,500) sports a completely new, more organic and curvy design, penned by designer Paolo Fancelli. Despite the new body, it's still powered by a Micro Generator System housed in a sapphire crystal case, still boasts a 12-digit liquid-crystal display, still offers LED backlighting for illumination, and still features a prominent scroll controller. Limited Launch Editions will arrive next month, with standard production models hitting shelves in April.

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