Xpectre Survival Bow

Carrying a bow and quiver slung across your back looks cool — provided you're in a movie. In a real-life survival situation, it's far from ideal. The Xpectre Survival Bow gives you the same ability to hunt for food without looking like Legolas. It has a collapsable design with detachable fiberglass/resin filled limbs and a fiberglass riser with a arrow rest, fits neatly inside the included pouch, comes with three arrows, and requires no tools to assemble or break down. Includes a manual covering hunting techniques, survival skills, processing game, and preserving meat.

  • Bolt Lightning Protective Tent

    While being hit by lightning is a rarity, many who are unfortunate enough to find themselves in lightning's path are hikers and campers. The Bolt Lightning Protective Tent aims to protect those unlucky souls with three brand new concept tents. Each is made of ultralight materials so they can be put up in a hurry and don't weigh you down too much during transport. And it not only protects from direct strikes, but also from step voltage, a most common way people are injured by lightning.

  • Snow Peak Sky Nest Tent

    Designed to be suspended from two trees, the Snow Peak Sky Nest Tent takes the Japanese firm's beloved tents and raises them up off the ground. It measures roughly four feet by seven feet, with an inner liner to help protect you from condensation and wetness, a large ventilator at the top to help keep you cool, and a hidden shoe pocket underneath the floor that will keep your kicks dry even in the rain. Comes with padded sheets to help protect the bark of the trees, as well as ropes to help secure it in the breeze.

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