XSMG XSR48 Speedboat

XSMG XSR48 Speedboat

As beautiful as it is powerful, the XSR48 Speedboat from XSMG ($TBA) is hailed as the "world's fastest superboat," and we're inclined to agree. The 48-foot vessel boasts up to 2000hp from two bi-turbo diesel engines, linked to a ZF two-speed gearbox and ZF Trimax surface-drive propulsion system with STAB stabilization for the best in ride, handling, and performance. The interior is filled with smooth, modern lines, high-grade materials, and niceties like flat-panel TVs.

  • Water Cycle

    Enjoy the water of the great outdoors while getting some exercise on the Water Cycle ($3000). It features a smooth pedal crank that drives a 15-inch, two-blade propeller through the water, letting you reach speeds of up to 7 mph. The rudder is controlled by the handlebars, making for smooth turns, while the craft's fiberglass-covered foam core hull keeps you upright and stable as you pedal your way to freedom.

  • Giant Twist Freedom DX

    Go green and get some exercise with the Giant Twist Freedom DX ($2,000; May). This electric bike offers users a choice between using battery power, pedal power, or a mix of the two. It sports dual 26-volt lithium-ion batteries, which offer a range of up to 75 miles per charge, depending on how much your lazy butt wants to pedal. An integrated torque sensor keeps things running smoothly, while a cushioned seat keeps you comfortable throughout your commute. [via]

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