Xtend & Climb Ladder

Xtend & Climb Ladder

The compact Xtend & Climb telescoping ladder ($180) extends and locks by the foot from 34 inches to 12.5 Feet — step stool height to a large extension ladder. Not only is it easier to use and store than regular ladders, the Xtend & Climb is also lightweight (25 lbs.) and strong (OSHA and ANSI Type II duty rating) thanks to its aircraft-grade aluminum contstruction.

  • Bionic Wrench

    We readily admit to not buying a lot of tools here at Uncrate HQ — but when we do, we make sure they serve their purpose well. The Bionic Wrench ($30), a hybrid between a wrench and pliers, is one of our newest additions. It uses a patented design to grip bolts on all six flat sides, reducing the strain on the corners of the bolt and allowing the user to multiply their gripping force, making it easy to turn the hardest of bolts. It also won the Red Dot Award Best of the Best 2006 for pioneering design in a category (Tools), which tells us it's just as easy to use and efficient as it sounds.

  • A2 Aviator Flashlight

    The A2 Aviator ($200) might be the last flashlight you'll ever need. It uses a two-stage endcap button to switch between a bright, three-LED light, and a Xenon beam strong enough to temporarily blind someone — a handy trick if you happen to live in a crime-infested city. The best part about it? It's small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. [Thanks, Brewer]

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