Yamaha PDX-11 Portable Speaker System

Worry not about the ruggedness of your on-the-go audio solution by picking up the Yamaha PDX-11 Portable Speaker System ($100). It packs a four-inch woofer and dedicated tweeter into a small, octogonal enclosure that sports a 3.5mm input, top-mounted iPhone/iPod dock, and an integrated metal handle that makes it perfect for grab-and-go use.

  • PlugBug

    Tired of carrying both a MacBook charger and an iPad/iPhone/iPod charger in your bag every time you leave the house? So were the folks at Twelve South. The PlugBug ($35) is a brilliant solution to this problem, strapping onto your existing MacBook charger to give you a high-power charging port for your iDevice, while still providing the right amount of juice to your laptop, and leaving the second outlet open for other stuff, like your travel vaporizer camera.

  • iTar

    We love Kickstarter. For every cockamamie idea (or ten) that gets posted, you see something genuinely interesting. Like the iTar ($200 and up). Submitted by longtime makers of button-based guitar fretboards, the iTar combines one of these legendary 'boards with an iPad case/dock, offering nearly endless possibilities for music creation and manipulation, all while holding something that looks like a guitar, but has an iPad for a body. What could be better? [Scouted by Jim]

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