Yamaha Tactical Black Rhino 700

Whether you have a seemingly never-ending list of chores to do around your property, or you're just trying to access your favorite hunting outpost, the Yamaha Tactical Black Rhino 700 ($13,000) will get you there quicker, and more comfortably. Based on the well-known Yamaha Rhino 700, this special edition gets an all-matte-black paint treatment that conveys the toughness and capability riders have come to expect. With cushy bucket seats, three-point seat belts, controls that will feel natural to any car driver, and independent four-wheel suspension, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable off-road vehicle. Powered by a 686cc liquid and oil cooled four-stroke engine, with an automatic transmission, and with three-position four-wheel drive, there's pretty much nowhere this thing can't go.

  • Icon E-Flyer Electric Bike

    Chances are you've probably heard of ICON by now — if you haven't, they're well-known for their utilitarian take on classic four-by-fours kitted out with modern gear. They've brought that same approach to their first two-wheeled vehicle, the Icon E-Flyer Electric Bike ($5,000). Limited to just 50 models, this bike pairs a retro aesthetic with modern electric vehicle technology, including a motor with a 35 mile range, regenerative braking, and a top speed of up to 36 miles per hour. The frame is made from hydroformed aluminum, while the forks are made from billet aluminum and steel. Artful touches like handmade leather, a mountain gray powder coat finish, brushed stainless, nickel, and brass details help it stand out from other available powered bikes.

  • SkyRunner

    Sometimes you just want the comfort of knowing that no matter what — post-apocalyptic undead hordes, floods on a biblical scale, stranded in the middle of a scorching desert — you can bug out and escape unscathed. The SkyRunner ($125,000) is the ultimate getaway vehicle, whether you're fleeing for your life, or just heading out into the unknown. It's part high-powered all-terrain vehicle, part fan-propelled paraglider, so there's really no obstacle too large to tackle. Powered by a one-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 125 horsepower and 147 lb-ft of torque, and weighing in at just under 1,000 pounds, this vehicle is capable of land speeds of up to 115 mph, and can reach 62 in just 4.3 seconds. Once you're moving, just open up the parasail and take to the skies, soaring comfortably at altitudes up to 15,000 feet. [Scouted by Doug]

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