Yashica Y35 Digifilm Camera

Yashica's roots trace back to Nagano in 1949, its peak coming with the release of the Electro 35 rangefinder in 1965. While the company is long gone, the brand lives on with the Electro-inspired Y35 Digifilm Camera. It has a rangefinder-style body with an attached 35mm f/2.8 lens and a 14-megapixel sensor. The specs are secondary, however, to the novel shooting experience. You adjust the ISO by swapping out filter-like digiFilm cartridges, and you have to "wind the film" in between each shot. This ostensibly gives you an analog-like moment to pause and reflect upon your next composition. With the resulting photos stored on SD but the screen replaced by a compartment for the "film" and AA batteries, it strikes a balance between old and new.

  • Halo Smart Security Camera

    Internet-enabled security cams are nothing new. What makes the Halo Smart Security Camera is that it looks less like a gadget and more like something you'd choose to display in your home. Its base specs are pretty standard — 1080p video with automatic night vision, a wide-angle lens, and a built-in speaker and mic — but it also has proprietary battery tech that lets it provide up to six months of wire-free operation per charge, so you aren't limited to sticking by an outlet. The classic model comes in three base styles with your choice of gold or silver cameras, while a second model is designed to sit in a recessed light fixture, pulling double-duty as both an LED light and camera.

  • Profoto A1 Studio Light

    It looks like an external flash, yet Profoto insists the A1 is just as capable as its studio lights. From a glance, its round head indicates it's different than a standard speedlight, delivering natural, pleasing illumination with a smooth fall-off. A smart magnetic mount makes adding shapers and modifiers a breeze, a zoom function controls the spread with ease, and the built-in modeling light lets you see what you're getting before you take the shot. Powered by a high-capacity Li-ion cell, it lasts up to four times longer and recycles four times faster than typical on-camera solutions, has built-in Air Remote and AirTTL for wireless operation, and can function off-camera as part of a larger system. Available for Canon and Nikon cameras.

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