Yurbuds Ironman Earphones

Yurbuds Ironman Earphones

If you like listening to tunes while you run, train, or play, you've probably had your 'buds fall out of your ears at least once or twice. Yurbuds Ironman Earphones ($50) are designed to eliminate this problem by using ultra-soft, medical-grade silicone tips that provide a snug fit, while other features like neodymium drivers and a water resistant design provide superior sound and toughness. Included in the package are a red Ironman nylon carrying case and some Ironman trading cards. Time to bust out that Beckett.

  • Schiit Lyr Headphone Amp

    Have a hankering for some high-end headphone action? Grab a Schiit Lyr Headphone Amp ($450) to power your favorite set of cans. Featuring a a new Dynamically Adaptive output stage providing up to 6 watts into 32 ohms, the Lyr can handle virtually any headphone, while the user-replaceable JJ ECC88 tubes let you customize the sound to your preferences. No bullschiit.

  • Nocs NS800 Stainless Earphones

    Whether you're expecting to get an iGift or already grabbed one for yourself, you'd be wise to ditch the stock white earbuds for something more substantial. Like these Nocs NS800 Stainless Earphones ($200). Designed in Stockholm, these tiny 'buds feature a dual micro armature with a separate tweeter and woofer for increased range and fidelity, a stainless steel housing with noise isolating silicone sleeves, Kevlar reinforced cables, and an in-line three button remote and mic to let you take control of both music playback and telephone calls without reaching in your pocket.

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