What do you get when you mix an electric skateboard with a Segway? Something akin to the ZBoard ($500-$750). Available in Classic and Pro models, the ZBoard relies on foot pads instead of gyroscopes, but otherwise allows you to lean forward to move forward, lean back to slow down, and lean to either side for turns. It also features a 400W electric motor, a 40-inch deck, a top speed of 17 mph, a range of up to 10 miles, and a recharge time of just 5 hours.

  • Jeep Action Camper

    Jeeps may make great off-road vehicles, but for towing things? Not so great. So instead of trying to pull an Airstream behind your Wrangler, why not combine the two and drive the Jeep Action Camper (€40,000; roughly $54,000)? Designed for two-person expeditions and built on the Wrangler Unlimited, the Action Camper offers a pop-up roof, a fiberglass body, a king-size bed, plenty of storage, a mini-kitchen with three-burner stove and refrigerator, a toilet with optional kitchen sink shower, and a fold-up dining area. Basically everything you need, packed in to one rugged, relatively small package.

  • Delta 7 Arantix Mountain Bike

    Looking for the lightest bike frame you can find? You'll be hard-pressed to find one lighter than the Delta 7 Arantix Mountain Bike ($TBA). Featuring a patented IsoTruss carbon fiber and Kevlar open lattice tube design — correctly described as "spider web-like" — this off-road beast weighs in at just 2.74 lbs., and can be ordered frame-only, or outfitted with SRAM or Shimano bike components.

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