Zepp Golf Sensor

Golf sensors aren't a new idea — we've written about a couple of them before — but we've never seen one that didn't need to attach to your club. Until now. The Zepp Golf Sensor hooks onto your glove and communicates with your phone or tablet over Bluetooth, letting you see your swing in 360 degrees, and analyze your club plane, hand path, speed, tempo, backswing position, and, if you put your phone in your pocket, hip rotation. You can also compare your swing with that of a pro, and track your progress over time with every club in your bag. And if you happen to be a multi-sport star, don't worry — the same sensor can be mounted onto a tennis racket or baseball bat so you can track your stats there, too.

  • Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Tennis Racket

    Tennis followers know that Roger Federer has been seen playing with a mystery racket this year — and now we know why. The Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Tennis Racket is the 17-time Grand Slam champ's new signature tool, developed over three years in a close collaboration between Federer and Wilson. Features include a 97-inch head that provides outstanding feel, a 26-percent wider racket beam for more power, a 10 percent larger sweet spot, and a matte black finish. Still not sold? Well, consider this: the RF97 will be Wilson's first Autograph racket in 30 years, and the last one, the Jack Kramer, was the best-selling racket in history.

  • DV8 Golf Clubs

    Anyone who's ever tried traveling with their golf clubs knows the pain that is trying to drag around a heavy bag full of rattling metal sticks — and that's not even mentioning the troubles of transporting them on a motorcycle or bike. DV8 Golf Clubs aim to get rid of all these problems by putting a full set of clubs in a lightweight backpack. Thanks to a patented quick-change coupler, you can switch from a graphite to a steel shaft or from a 5-iron to a putter in under 3 seconds, all without giving up the performance you'd expect from a full-size set — or dealing with the hassle of hauling them around.

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