ZeroHour Battery Backup Flashlight

Sure, a flashlight is one of the most useful tools you can fit into your jeans pocket, but a flashlight that can also charge your most frequently-used gadgets — that's pretty remarkable. The ZeroHour Battery Backup Flashlight ($160) combines a 1,000-lumen CREE LED bulb with a 10,000mAh power source inside a durable aircraft aluminum body and a stainless steel bezel. The end cap removes to expose dual USB ports capable of charging multiple smartphones or tablets at once. The ZeroHour is also modular, letting you remove the recharging portion if you need something smaller in your pocket.

  • Auug Motion Synth

    Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a fully-functioning instrument with the Auug Motion Synth ($70) — a combination grip for your device, eight-button synthesizer app, and a cloud-based service for sharing synth presets. These combine to form a highly-capable synth instrument that lets you easily control music using the app's keys, and the motion of your hand, changing pitch and tone as you move. Use each of the buttons to play notes, control external synth hardware, even apply effects to your vocals. The grip lets you comfortably hold your phone, while interacting with the buttons, so you can play naturally, moving freely around the stage or studio.

  • Roadie Tuner

    Whether you're a beginner just learning to play guitar, or a seasoned veteran who has seen his share of road gigs, the Roadie Tuner ($80) is just the tool you need to perfect your craft. This automated robotic tuner will literally tune your guitar (or any other stringed instrument with geared pegs) for you, thanks to its sensors that are three times more accurate than the human ear. It will tune your guitar faster than most experienced players, helps you wind and unwind your strings, and will even let you quickly switch between tunings. Use the included iOS app to remember tuning settings, save custom tunes, visualize your tune, and keep track of the quality of your strings.

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