Zippo Outdoor Gear

Yes, they really do make more than just lighters. Zippo Outdoor Gear ($25-$300) is an all-new line of camping equipment, including a dependable Windproof Stove that borrows tech from the aforementioned lighters to keep the fire burning, a rugged, stylish All-Terrain Grill with an oversized stainless steel work surface, a log carrier, a 4-in-1 Woodsman tool that serves as a saw, axe, mallet, and puller, a LED-based Rugged Lantern, and the unique Utensil Tree for keeping all your grilling tools safe and off the ground. The bad news? You won't be using any of it this year, as the lineup doesn't launch until Spring 2013.

  • Flir Scout PS32 Night Vision Monocular

    Whether you're preparing for a breakdown of society or just need to scout your prey in the dark, the Flir Scout PS32 Night Vision Monocular ($2,900) has you covered. It offers a compact, weather-proof design, a 320x240 thermal imaging detector, a built-in LCD display, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a 350-foot range for human detection, a standard tripod mount for extended stakeouts, and three display modes. Bad news for those of you abroad: exports outside the US are prohibited.

  • Basecamp Fridge/Freezer

    Whether you're planning a long trip or just looking for a way to keep perishables fresh while you flee your power-challenged area, the Basecamp Fridge/Freezer ($860) has you covered. Thanks to an advanced power system, it can run off your car's 12V DC power system on the road, and transition to standard AC power once you've arrived, and can run while your vehicle is turned off — but will turn itself off before you run your battery dry. Other features include a massive 63-quart capacity, a temperature range of 0º-45ºF, and a remote wireless readout to keep tabs on the temperature inside.

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