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1969 MG MGC GTS Sebring

One of only six ever built and the only one done to "superlight" specification, this 1969 MG MGC GTS Sebring is a unique vintage racer. Its body is made from steel in the center, with aluminum exterior panels to save weight, and legendary racer/original owner John Chatham lightened it further by installing an aluminum block for the 2,912 cc OHV inline six-cylinder engine and magnesium alloy wheels. He raced the car in various events throughout the '70s before finally selling the car in 2004. It's since undergone a restoration to get it competition-ready once again, and arrives with FIA paperwork.

  • 1974 Ford Escort MK1

    Introduced in the UK at the end of 1967, the Ford Escort Mark 1 isn't what you expect when you think of the modern Escort series. This 1974 Ford Escort MK1 provides a glimpse into the past, when Mark 1 Escorts were one of the most successful rally cars around. It's undergone a complete restoration, adding a lightweight Group 4 body, fiberglass hood and trunk, and a 2 liter FIA racing engine capable of just over 200 horsepower. Since it's restoration, it's only seen two hours of usage, and is a fine piece to add to any rally car enthusiast's collection.

  • 1962 Fiat 1101A Campagnola

    When you think about Italian automobiles, a 4-wheel drive isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Designed for Italy's Armed Forces as a response to the Jeep, this 1962 Fiat 1101A Campagnola has been in the same collection for nearly 55 years. This well-preserved gem has been kept in its ordinal condition, allowing for the natural patina from the last 5 decades to show through. Powered by its original 1,901cc inline 4-cylinder engine, this heady-duty off-roader donnes the same rugged lines as its American counterpart but is set apart by its unique Italian roots. It's set for auction May 14th.


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