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Bacon: A Love Story
  • The First Book of Seconds

    Everyone loves winning, but let's face it: almost everyone has also come up a little short one time or another. The First Book of Seconds ($10) celebrates 220 almost-champions, from the second color TV broadcast signal to the second-longest-running TV show, each honorably named alongside those bastard winners. Also included are cameos by the Honda Civic, remote control pioneer Robert Adler, and Elvis, who came in second a lot more often than you might think.

  • Simpsons World Book

    You may think that by knowing what episode of The Simpsons is getting ready to come on by Bart's chalkboard phrase, you know a lot about the show. But you still don't hold all the knowledge of Simpsons World ($90). This 1,200 page, 8.8 pound gargantuan devotes at least two pages to every single episode of The Simpsons' epic 20-season run, and also features new artwork, a complete filmography of "Itchy & Scratchy," and a list of every "D'oh" or "Mmm..." Homer has ever uttered, which is kind of like keeping track of every time Steve Jobs has ever said "boom."


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