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Buck Custom Knife Builder

Buck Custom Knife Builder

Every man needs a dependable pocket knife — and like a meat patty at Burger King, you can have yours your way with the Buck Custom Knife Builder ($TBA). This Flash-based tool lets you select from three models, a variety of blades and handles, and even lets you add engraving before deciding what type of sheath you'd like. It's as close as you're going to get to building one yourself.

  • Gerber Venture Knife

    Knives don't need to do a bunch of different things to be useful — they just need to do one thing really well. The Gerber Venture Knife ($75) adheres to this mantra by limiting its design to a polished titanium handle and a three and a half inch serrated blade that's ready when you need it thanks to the Venture's FAST spring-assisted opening mechanism.

  • Ninja Stealth Throwing Knives

    Who knew becoming a ninja could be so affordable? Apart from the black outfit you made from scrap linens and black socks, all you really need are the tools of an assassin, and these Ninja Stealth Throwing Knives ($7) should work just fine. Arriving in a three pack with a nylon case, they measure 6.5-inches overall, with a circle loop on each end, and a blade that's reasonably sturdy yet dull enough to make them great for beginners — so you might want to sharpen them before trying to hurl them through another man's skull.