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Cracked Magazine

Cracked Magazine

Cracked Magazine, the 48-year-old humor and parody magazine we all grew up on, officially relaunches this week with a new look, new editorial direction and a new team. After spending the last year-and-a-half on hiatus undergoing a re-imagining, the new Cracked ($4) has doubled in size to 80 full-color pages and is being put together by the likes of comedian Michael Ian Black and writers from The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live, and Chappelle's Show. Parodies, spoofs, pranks. What more could you ask for in a magazine?

  • The Unofficial Lego Builder's Guide

    For anyone that grew up in the last 50 years, Lego bricks were simply a part of youth. One of the most intriguing toys in history, the bricks gave children endless possibilities of what they could create. While we certainly aren't masters by any means, we still have some Lego sets around the Uncrate office, and that's why we were so pumped by The Unofficial Lego Builder's Guide by Allan Bedford ($16). All aspects of Lego building are covered, using principles found in other walks of life — which is actually a good way to solve any problem.

  • A Dirty Job

    A Dirty Job ($16), the latest work of phenom Christopher Moore, is a curiously creative novel that peers into the underworld, but with just enough humor to make the demons seem like a punch line. Charlie Asher accidently becomes Death and gets taken on a six year long wild ride as one of a dozen or so grim reapers in San Francisco. They used to have coffee together, but then voices started coming out of the storm drains and they decided it was best for the balance of the universe to not communicate. Add in a small army of 14" tall squirrel people made up of different animal parts and human souls (based off of this artist) and you've got yourself a book worth reading.