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GE Monogram Pizza Oven

With the ability to fit into a normal wall oven cavity and an interior ventilation system that requires no extra construction, the GE Monogram Pizza Oven is the closest you can get to a pizzeria in your kitchen. The stainless steel exterior fits right in with your other appliances, and while it still takes a while to preheat, once it's ready it can cook any type of pie you want in just two minutes. Precise heating and app control keep the temperature exactly where it's supposed to be, resulting in evenly-cooked, outstanding pizza.

  • La Marzocco Linea Mini Espresso Machine

    La Marzocco's Linea Classic is a favorite of numerous cafés all around the world. The La Marzocco Linea Mini Espresso Machine brings the same professional-level performance home in a compact package. It has a dual boiler system for optimal brewing and steaming, stepped temperature control, a self-contained two liter water reservoir, brew paddle activation with pre-infusion for consistency, and LED barista lights to let you focus on every cup. Available in four different colors — stainless, red, black, or white — to match any kitchen decor.

  • Teforia Infuser

    We drink tons of tea, especially in cold weather months, but most of us just grab a bag and drop it in some boiling water. But the truth is, for a great cup of tea, there are loads of intricacies we ignore, unless you use Teforia. It's the most intelligent tea brewing device around, using advanced algorithms to bring out the richest, most robust cup of tea you've ever had. Teforia allows the use of any loose leaf tea, and boosts the levels of antioxidants while allowing you to control the caffeine levels while brewing by adjusting the time and temperature. The beautifully designed Teforia machine will look great in any kitchen, and environmentally conscious tea pods are also available for a consistent cup each and every time. Limited to only 250 units, don't hesitate to claim yours before they're gone.

    Presented by Teforia.