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Jaguar C-X75

You wouldn't be surprised to see James Bond behind the wheel of a British sports car, but it's one of the baddies casing 007 who'll be driving the Jaguar C-X75 when Spectre hits theaters. This concept car was created for the company's 75th anniversary, hence the name, and was originally powered by four electric motors outputting 778 hp, with a pair of micro gas turbines for recharging. The on-screen version is powered by a supercharged 550hp V8 instead, but still features the original's muscular build, and while you might not be able to buy it, you can see its influence all over the lineup of real-life Jags, as well as in the latest Bond adventure.

  • Peugeot Fractal Concept

    Peugeot's i-Cockpit technology has been pushing the limits of in-car visuals since it made its debut in 2012. The Peugeot Fractal Concept aims to do the same for the audio side of things. Developed in collaboration with sound designer Amon Tobin, the Fractal is an electric car with a unique sound signature. Other audio cues help the driver to navigate the holographic head-up interface as well as the environment around them, and all these are played back through a "9.1.2" system that uses 13 speakers and bass systems built into each seat. As if that weren't enough, more than 80% of the interior trim was made using a 3D printer, getting you one step closer to downloading plans for your new car instead of going to the dealership and buying it.

  • Expemotion E-Raw Concept Motorcycle

    It's not the most functional bike out there. But the Expemotion E-Raw Motorcycle is one of the best-looking. The design is dominated by the seat — made from laminated layers of wood, it provides the look and feel of furniture while replacing the gas tank with negative space — and the large, colorful motor covers, both of which are set on a simple steel tube chassis that leaves the more striking components in the spotlight. A central mount allows your phone to serve as the speedometer and battery gauge, yet another forward-thinking feature in what's sadly still just a concept.