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Jim Beam 1795

Celebrate the history of fine Kentucky bourbon with some Jim Beam 1795 (€140; roughly $175). This eight-year-old, 95 proof bourbon is sourced from the top floor of a five-floor rack house, and is limited to just 200 flint glass bottles. The real kicker? It's only available in one place — the Heinemann Duty Free store in Frankfurt's (yes, the German one) T1B Schengen lounge — so you'd better be prepared to travel if you want to get your hands on a bottle.

  • HoneyMaker Mead

    We've seen plenty of trends, styles, and drinks reemerge years after they were first popular, but none quite as old as mead. A modern take on the ancient drink, HoneyMaker Mead ($TBA) is still made from honey, clear, pure water and a proprietary yeast strain, but is available in a variety of flavors, including Lavender, Blueberry, Semi Sweet, Dry Hopped, and the ever popular Elderberry. Gold chalice not included, but highly recommended.

  • Charleston Bloody Mary Mix

    Feeling a little less than chipper after last night's drinking escapades? Start your recovery off right with some Charleston Bloody Mary Mix ($10). Available in Original and Bold & Spicy varieties, these tasty mixes include a number of premium Lowcountry ingredients, including Worcestershire, sea salt, ground peppercorn, tarragon, thyme, rice vinegar, habanero mash, and celery seed. Just add vodka.


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