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Perceval Meteor Knives

Normally, a Damascus blade would be a knife's standout feature. But most knives aren't made using material from outer space. Perceval Meteor Knives owe their moniker to their handles, which are sculpted from a block of solid meteorite. As a result, each one of these folding knives is unique, and is paired with a Damascus steel blade that compliments the meteor's unusual texture. Available in three styles, the knives are entirely handcrafted in a Thiers, France workshop.

  • Kellam Fixed Blade Knife

    Hand forged from carbon steel, the Kellam Fixed Blade Knife has a simple, rustic look that belies its everyday utility. The 2 1/8" blade and under 5" length make it ideal for carrying in a pocket, a fact that's reinforced by the extended tang, which serves as both a hook and a pocket clip. It comes with a brown leather pocket sheath, which pairs nicely with the grippy sisal-wrapped handle.

  • James x Uncrate County Pocket Knife

    The James Brand is a small team trying to do big things — something we understand very well at Uncrate. They're all about the details. They're aiming to build a longstanding company. And they're designing knives that they want to carry themselves. We knew all of this before we approached them to do a limited edition knife earlier this autumn, and we also knew they'd knock it out of the park. The James x Uncrate County Knife is the result of our collaboration. Built in the James HQ in Portland, our edition gets the obligatory blacked-out styling, while retaining all of the utility and usefulness of your favorite pocket knife. Our County knife features beautiful ebony wood inlays, a black PVD-coated Sandvic 12C27 steel blade, black PVD-coated 416 steel handles, and a custom black paracord lanyard for easy retrieval. With a blade length of 2.5-inches and a clip-less design, the County knife will live in your pocket undetected — both by you and by anyone who thinks you shouldn't be carrying one. Delivering late January.

    Photos: Steven Clouse / Uncrate