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Prank University

Prank University

There's nothing quite as satisfying as pulling off a good prank — and while this book may be aimed at the college crowd, we're sure there's more than enough pranks in here to make the book worthwhile to the graduated crowd as well. Prank University ($11) features 100 terrific pranks that are sure to liven up the dorm or workplace. Such classics as the doorbell drench are mixed with newer pranks, like the wasabi paste, and all the pranks are organized with a system to quickly identify the difficulty, number of accomplices needed, and possible costs. Go forth, and wreak havoc.

  • Cracked Magazine

    Cracked Magazine, the 48-year-old humor and parody magazine we all grew up on, officially relaunches this week with a new look, new editorial direction and a new team. After spending the last year-and-a-half on hiatus undergoing a re-imagining, the new Cracked ($4) has doubled in size to 80 full-color pages and is being put together by the likes of comedian Michael Ian Black and writers from The Daily Show, Saturday Night Live, and Chappelle's Show. Parodies, spoofs, pranks. What more could you ask for in a magazine?

  • Apple Sweat: The 2006 Heat Wave from NYC Streets

    They say timing is everything. To most people, being on a trip in New York City during the hottest week since 1936 would be pretty rotten. But Derek Powazek saw an opportunity. With his keen eye, Derek found the city in rare form, capturing it all on his trusty Lomo LC-A ($200) and putting together Apple Sweat: The 2006 Heat Wave from NYC Streets ($19). We haven't gotten our hands on it yet, but judging by the samples provided and our knowledge of Señor Powazek's mad photography skills, this book is sure to be simply excellent.