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Ripple Maker Latte Art Machine

There's something to be said for turning the foam on top of an espresso drink into a work of art by hand — but not everyone has the time or the talent. For the rest of us, there's the Ripple Maker Latte Art Machine. Designed for commercial use, this smart appliance uses pods of coffee extract — a high-quality mix of Arabica and Robusta beans — to place tiny drops right on the foam, creating intricately detailed designs in just seconds. The machine automatically recognizes and adjusts to the height and width of your cup, has a large LCD touchscreen for picking your design, and can even be configured so that customers (or friends) can pick their own personalized ripples for themselves.

  • Auroma One Coffee Maker

    Brewing the perfect cup of coffee requires precise control of many factors, including the water temperature, grind, time, and coffee to water ratio. The Auroma One Coffee Maker makes the process easy. It integrates the grinder, water reservoir, heating and brewing chambers all in a single unit, allowing it to control the entire process. While you can set each attribute separately, you can also just rate the coffee it brews based on factors like bitterness, texture, and kick, and it will automatically adjust the settings to fit your preferences while also recommending new beans from local roasters. It's as foolproof as it gets, short of just placing an order at the local coffee shop.

  • Abimis Ego Kitchen

    Not too long ago, having stainless steel appliances in your kitchen was a big deal. Now, the Abimis Ego Kitchen aims to replace everything in your kitchen with the highly hygienic material. That includes all cabinets, which blend three types of storage — refrigerated, cool and room temperature — seamlessly, and remove all sharp corners, making them way safer. The high-thickness AISI 304 stainless steel countertops are perfect for both prep and presentation, and integrate gas, electrical induction and teppanyaki cooking stations, so no matter what the meal calls for, you'll be ready.