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It's true that moonshine isn't the first thing we'd think of mixing with wine, but one taste of Spodee ($9) and you'll be a believer. Based upon the Depression Era drink of the same name, this 36 proof drink contains a delightful mixture of wine, herbs, spices, fruits, and 'shine, all packaged in an appropriately down-market milk bottle container. Drink it straight, or mix it with cola or OJ for a full-on cocktail.

  • Stacked Wines

    Corks? Corkscrews? Decanters? So last millennium. Stacked Wines ($15) does away with all of those — and the traditional wine glass — by packaging 750ml of fruity, sunshine-ready wine in four individual stemless glasses, allowing the package to mimic a traditional bottle of wine — and take up a similar amount of space — while removing the need for any tools, accessories, or extra glassware. [via]

  • HoneyMaker Mead

    We've seen plenty of trends, styles, and drinks reemerge years after they were first popular, but none quite as old as mead. A modern take on the ancient drink, HoneyMaker Mead ($TBA) is still made from honey, clear, pure water and a proprietary yeast strain, but is available in a variety of flavors, including Lavender, Blueberry, Semi Sweet, Dry Hopped, and the ever popular Elderberry. Gold chalice not included, but highly recommended.


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