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Strathwood Portable Folding Hammock

Hammocks are fantastic, but traditional models require something that's not always available: two sturdy trees/poles to hold them up, and once they're up, they're not exactly mobile. The Strathwood Portable Folding Hammock ($80) solves this problem by using a powder-coated steel frame that folds up and drops into its included carrying case, while the textilene fabric sling, suspension chains, and removable pillow keep you comfy, provided you had the sense to park the thing in the shade.

  • Patagonia Tumpline

    We love to focus on products that are both functional and stylish, but sometimes those two traits really are mutually exclusive. Take, for instance, the Patagonia Tumpline ($20). This unique accessory is meant to suspend some or all of a pack's load on the top of your head instead of your shoulders and hips, making your hikes that much more enjoyable. Which is a good thing, because no matter the tumpline's ancient lineage, you'll still look like a jackass when wearing one.

  • Scotts MLB Authentic Collection Grass Seed

    Love it or hate it, there's one thing about Major League Baseball we can all agree on: their groundskeeping is spectacular. The Scotts MLB Authentic Collection ($22/bag) aims to bring the lush grass of America's favorite ballparks to your own lawn, by providing you with actual grass seed varieties used at venues like Wringley Field, Fenway Park, and Great American Ball Park. For the sake of your neighbors, don't go overboard though — no one wants to see you spitting sunflower seeds out of a front yard dugout/bunker.